working in your grace zone

Do you ever get the feeling that all the moons are aligning, and that things are unfolding in your life exactly as they were meant to? 

This happens to me quite a bit. Like earlier this year, when David and I were trying to buy a house, and I got a job offer to edit a book. The topic? How to negotiate in real estate. As well as picking up a great new client, I picked up a new strategy in that book that helped me negotiate a further $10,000 off the purchase price, well after contracts had been signed. I've also been working with an inspiring property investor client in Melbourne for about five years, and the tidbits I've gleaned from her over the years have been invaluable.

My husband's been working loooong hours this year and I have been too; throw a new baby into the mix and you can see why a few months ago, we decided to book an island holiday stat or we would go insane. Not two days later, I kid you not, an editor called and asked if I was free to write an article: "Tropical island retreats". Seriously?! Yep, I got paid to research and write about our upcoming holiday. We're going to Fiji, FYI. Can. Not. Wait.

But perhaps the biggest, most significant, actually life-changing serendipitous moment happened just recently, when I was offered the opportunity to work on a new book. I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt-out from a really big project that dominated July and August, and my first reaction was to turn down the book. My personal to-do list was about 8 pages long, I really needed a break and I felt like work was overtaking my life. And, wouldn't you know it? This new book is all about nailing the work/fun balance, simplifying your life, clearing mental clutter and operating at your peak. Un-freaking-believable.

I got this project through a fabulous publishing and branding agency in Surry Hills, The Messenger Group, helmed by the ever-so-talented Lisa Messenger. Lisa is one of those amazing women who is not only clever and successful, but she's also incredibly warm and genuine - and she has a social conscious. Lisa's blog is essential reading for me, and tonight when I read her latest post, it really resonated:

"Working in your Grace Zone = doing just what you have been purposed to do. It feels easy, there is no striving, things fall into place and you know you’re there because your heart feels satisfied. Everyone has their own special job to do. Just do that!"

Writing is in my Graze Zone, for sure. I'm so fortunate that I get to wake up every day and write for a living. If I could go back 10 years and tell my 19-year-old student self that I would end up earning a living as a writer, she would explode with excitement. On days when I'm feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out, it would pay to remember that!