7 dogs, 5 adults & 1 baby

As I sit here typing this blog post, I have seven dogs surrounding me. Seven.

(l-r) Snoopy, Gizmo, and Milo on the floor

Our three: Dre, Snoop and Reddy.
My mum and dad's pooches: Abby and Max.
And my brother's two dogs: Gizmo and Milo.

It's a temporary situation while we wait to move into our house in a few months, and it's fair to say that it's driving us all crazy. When you throw seven dogs together they bark too much, scratch too much and generally get under our feet all the time.

We're over it! Except Lila. She's having a ball, especially with frail, timid Max, who is afraid of the world – she chases him while shaking toys at him, giggling with glee as he scampers away, terrified. Little sociopath!

Today I happened upon a blog post written by Malcolm Turnball after his beloved Mellie passed away, and it was so heartfelt. Of course, I cried my eyes out by the time I got to the end. Here it is, for those who are interested in a good weep – or who just want to appreciate their pooches a tiny bit more today:

Why do we love dogs so much? Is it because they are loyal and loving? Is it because they love us for what we are, without judgement? How can it be that in a world of so much human tragedy, so much momentous and terrible change,  we shed tears over the death of a little white dog?
Is it because, as Byron said, our dogs have all the virtues of man, without his vices?
Dear little Mellie, you were such a brave, fond and loyal friend. All your pack will miss you and never be quite the same without you.