living in the moment

I just read this blog post by Mia Freedman, and it expertly articulated how I feel about social media:

"We’re a generation constantly living just outside ourselves, not experiencing moments but coolly packaging them up to share on Facebook."

You could replace Facebook with Twitter, or Instagram, or all of the above, because we can't just have experiences anymore. They have to be captured, edited, polished and shared, or they're simply not worth having.

Being "in the moment" is something I struggle with. Apparently, a 2010 Harvard University study found that people spend nearly half their time thinking about something other than what they’re doing. That's me: having a shower, but thinking about what work I have on today. Checking my emails, but thinking about what to make for lunch. Eating lunch, but thinking about my credit card bill.

Lila has helped. When I'm with her, I try really hard to just be there without letting my mind wander. I love to listen to her lisp when she says "dancing", or notice her brow furrow when she's concentrating on learning something new, like where her toes are. And most of the time, it works... as long as my iPhone is out of reach :)