from idol to indie

A few days ago my husband played me a song, "Brother", and I was utterly captivated. It was haunting and powerful and I couldn't resist humming along to the beautiful melody. 

So I was super surprised when he told me that it was Matt Corby singing. 

"Matt Corby, from Australian Idol?" I asked. 
"No, it must be a different Matt..
"This guy is buff and in his 20s! 
"Matt Corby is 12!"

Turns out Matt Corby is all grown up, and his music is absolutely brilliant. It's such a blessing in disguise that he didn't win Idol – who knows what damage the curse of celebrity would have done to his impressionable 16-year-old psyche. It just goes to show that sometimes, not getting what you want can be the best thing that ever happened to you.