stuck in my head

This song is stuck in my head!! Well it's not so much a song, it's a remix...

And this is the age we live in. It started with a news bulletin. The context and subject of the news story is no laughing matter; a woman was almost assaulted in her own bed when a stranger climbed in through her window and tried to attack her. Thankfully, her brother heard her screaming and busted in, frightening the attacker off.

The TV news bulletin about the fracas has gone viral, because the victim's brother, Antoine Dodson, was so animated:

And now, Antoine is EVERYWHERE!! It is out of control. He has his own wikipedia entry, Facebook fan page, official website... there's a line of t'shirts... and a group of clever dicks has even remixed a song from the news bulletin! It's actually really catchy...

The TV station has done a follow up interview with Antoine and he looks like a really lovely guy. He's much calmer in this interview :) Hopefully he's making at least some money off of all of these ringtone and tshirt sales!