sometimes I don't get the fashion industry

I love dressing up and wearing pretty make-up as much as the next girl, but sometimes the fashion industry perplexes me.

These are the highly-airbrushed, glossy, polished images I'm used to seeing in the world of fashion:

But this? Not so much:

Frockwriter reports that this pic was taken by photographer Dario Salamone and as part of an editorial in The Ones To Watch, an emerging talent website operated by The subject is Russian model Alonya Zubakina and the shoot is "a story shot on film about the darkness of the sacred and the sublime of nature, inspired by the power of natural lights, relics, votives and Alonya's beauty".

Okaaay. I actually see an undernourished pale teenager in desperate need of a cheeseburger, but whatevs. You say potatoe...


Agnes said...

I see an undernourished pale teenager in a desperate search for a cheeseburger (one that she'll consider throwing up later...I'm not even kidding, that looks seriously disturbing to me)