baby dinosaur smorgasboard

I'm more of a maths nerd than a science nerd, but I've always been intrigued by Space and Dinosaurs.
So when I read this story, my inner Ross Gellar snapped to attention!

Researchers have located a moment in time, whereby dinosaurs appear to have been entombed in sand and mud - likely from a landslide or storm - which served to preserve them for 67 million years!

Dhananjay Mohabey from the Geological Survey of India found the fossils, which includes an extraordinary scene: one fossil shows a 3.5m snake coiled around a broken egg in a dinosaur nest, with the snake set to feast on a newly hatched titanosaur (around half a metre in size) and its as-yet-unhatched siblings.

Mohabey described the area as a "smorgasboard" for snakes, and said it was "such a thrill to discover such a portentous moment frozen in time."

"'It would have been a smorgasbord. Hundreds or thousands of defenceless baby sauropods could have supported an ecosystem of predators during the hatching season," he said.

PS> Big props for using the word "portentous"! Sometimes the word "momentous" just doesn't pack enough punch...


Verity said...

Being more of a science nerd than a math nerd that's the coolest thing ever!

PS - I'm going to assume you've been to the Museum of Natural History in NY. If I were a princess, that place would totally be my castle. Mmmm... the smell of musty stuffed creatures. Love it.