losing the lottery

Wouldn't this suck: a group of people in Brazil won US$30m in the lottery, and then found out that the shop they bought the ticket through had never registered the entry.

"...investigators believe the shop where the group of 40 players had bought their ticket did not enter their numbers into the national lottery computer system, invalidating their win.

"We know that the ticket was paid for and if the ticket was not properly issued then fraud was committed," a local police chief, Clovis da Silva, said.

I wonder whether the shop owner didn't register any of his lottery ticket sales, to bump up his profits? Apparently, the would-be winners are preparing to launch a lawsuit. At the very least they'll probably get a movie deal out of this - the plot would make a really good Rob Reiner-style comedy!


Verity said...

I can't even begin to think about how I'd react to this... can you imagine? Dream come true! Oh wait... not for you, sucker. I'm surprised that shop owner is still alive.

Agnes said...

Ouch! That's unfortunate in so many ways...