creator / equaliser

I was just browsing, as I often do, and there was a personality test you could take to see whether you're living your strongest and happiest life. I feel like I am, but hey, it never hurts to get a second opinion :)

My results were pretty spot on! The first one explains why I love being a journalist, and the second one explains why donations for five animal charities, two World Vision kids and a bear in Vietnam come out of my VISA each month!

My lead role is: CREATOR

"You aren’t immune to the feelings and perspectives of others, but your starting point is your own insight, your own understanding."

You begin by asking: 'What do I understand?'

Your best quality: Your ability to find patterns invisible to others
Always: Find time to be by yourself
Be careful you: Don’t think so long, you never do anything
Your smartest career move: Any job where you’re paid to produce new content.

My secondary role is:

"You are sensitive to how everything in the world is connected, how movement in one part of the world causes everything else to move as well. Alive to this inter-connectedness, you feel compelled to keep everything aligned."

You begin by asking: 'What’s the right thing to do?'
Your best quality: Your innate sense for what is right
Always: Lead with your values
Be careful you: Don’t become too obviously defensive when your values are challenged
Your smartest career move: Any job where you’re paid to speak up for people who’ve been wronged.