off with her head!

After I saw Avatar, I wanted to move to Pandora. Last night I saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderful, and while I don't really want to move to Wonderland, I would love to have a rabbit hole in my backyard so I could go there whenever I please!

Burton has created such a whimsical landscape - I equally loved the White Queen's pure ivory palace and the Red Queen's lush quarters. The Australian actress, Mia, that played Alice was lovely (she looked like a young Gwenyth Paltrow), Johnny Depp was predictably AMAZING, and Helena BC had the best lines in the film!

I had a beautiful Alice in Wonderland pop-up book when I was little, and the movie took me right back to my childhood. I remember on one page, you could pull a lever, and all of the white roses turned red. I thought it was magic - it was my favourite book! Hopefully it's still buried in my folks garage somewhere??

In other movie news, I just watched these videos of Oprah interviewing prolific film reviewer Roger Ebert. His jaw has been removed following a lengthy battle with cancer, and he'll never talk, eat or drink again. And yet, he describes his life as "happy and productive".

"We have to find peace with the way we look," he says, "and get on with life." What a reality check, and what an incredible guy.

(You can view the videos here)