One of my favourite TV shows, Spirited, (starring one of my favourite actresses, Claudia Karvan) is filmed on location at a hotel in Double Bay. It's just around the corner from where we live in Sydney. A few months ago we headed over to that hood for an early dinner – Lila was about six months old at the time and we wanted to squeeze in pizza and gelati before putting her to bed – and you can imagine my delight when we happened across the whole cast and crew!!

There in the flesh was my all time favourite Australian actress (tied with Asher Keddie), acting up a storm outside the Stamford Hotel. We rubber necked for a few minutes, trying to catch a glimpse of the stars without looking like stalkers, then went on our merry way to dinner.

I was watching an episode of Spirited this week on IQ only to discover...

... Our car is famous!!! That's our blue Camry in the background of a pivotal scene between Susie and her mother. So happy, I could faint.