most productive day EVER!

Today, with the help of my fabulous helper Aimee, I experienced the most productive five hours of my life. While David was at work, Aimee and I played with Lila, in between knocking off the following tasks:

- Swept and mopped whole house
- Washed and hung 4 loads of washing
- Brought in and folded 2 loads of washing
- Cleaned out laundry cupboards and refolded towels etc
- Swept up the back yard
- Cleaned out and reordered my entire office
- Did the dishes
- Made Lila's food for the week - chicken and veggies with lentils and pasta, yum
- Made mini-quiches for dinner tonight

I also squeezed in an hour of work and returning emails, while Lila had a lovely nap in Aimee's arms (cute!).

And now, I feel like I've totally earnt the glass of pink bubbles that is chilling in the fridge – and the four hours worth of TV we're about to catch up on via IQ tonight! So excited. Happy days :)