caramel slice, how I love thee

We were meant to spend this weekend with our good friends Linc and Michael in the Blue Mountains, but Michael is suffering from tonsillitis so we had to postpone. As well as being super excited to see our friends, I was also looking forward to the eat-fest that is a weekend spent in their company. I've blogged about it before; when we hang out, the food is simply amazing. Gourmet cheese platters, delicious gooey homemade desserts, breakfast spreads that fill you up until the early afternoon... the works.

So today, I decided to bake. I made caramel slice, which I thought would be difficult, but it was actually pretty easy. And it's freaking delicious.

The good news is... now I can make caramel slice! Yum!

The bad news is... now I can make caramel slice. Uh-oh. It was so much better for my thighs when I had to shell out $3.50 for a small square from Toby's cafe at Bondi Junction...

* Disclaimer: Photo may or may not be of the slice I actually made. There's a chance I might have been too impatient to wait for the chocolate to cool and so slightly massacred the tray of caramel slice when I was trying to cut it. Maybe. Still tastes good, though.