breakfast of champions

We had a beautiful, relaxing stay in the Blue Mountains this weekend, courtesy of our lovely friends Linc and Michael. We used to be neighbours when we all lived in the same complex in Pyrmont a few years ago; we bonded over nightly walks on the rooftop garden with our pooches, and since then have discovered that we have many many more things in common, like a mutual love of food, wine, movies, music, travel and gadgets! (Linc already has an iPad; David is exceptionally envious. He "forgot" to pack our laptop charger cable and as a result had to use Linc's iPad all weekend... coincidence? I think not!).

Every few months we hustle the dogs into the car and head up to their place for a weekend of fun, and so it was that on Friday we dressed in our warmest winter woolies and drove up to Katoomba after David finished work.

It was AWESOME. So relaxing. The air was fresh (and freezing!), and there was no traffic noise! And we had the most lovely, lazy weekend where we literally lazed in the living room and chatted and watched TV from the moment we arrived til the moment we left - except for sleeping, and Linc dissapearing to the kitchen every now and then to whip up a pavlova (!!), or to top up our drinks.

Poor Michael had to go to work, but we all had breakfast together on Saturday before his shift started and it was what I imagine staying at a deluxe BnB would be like. For breakfast they presented a spread of homemade bircher muesli with berries and yoghurt, toast, juice, fried eggs and hot chocolate. It looked so good I had to take a photo. It tasted so good, I think I'll have to go and make fried eggs for lunch. Right now.