random acts of kindness

I read a beautiful post on MamaMia tonight, about Random Acts of Kindness. I've been browsing the comments for over an over and I really should be in bed, because Lila's been asleep for two hours, but the stories are so sweet and uplifting!

There were loads of awesome stories, but this one was my fave:

When I was living in Sydney I noticed an elderly woman would often be on my bus every Friday with a huge suitcase she could barely carry. She also couldn’t see very well and would always have to ask the people in line at the bus stop which number bus was pulling up. 

One morning I went to the end of the line and carried her suitcase on for her. She was so grateful she nearly cried. She told me that every Friday she took 3 buses to visit her husband in a nursing home and the suitcase was filled with things to make him more comfortable and games for them to play together.

After that, I made sure I left the house 10 mins early on Fridays so that I’d be there in time to meet her getting off her first bus and help her on and off the second. It was practically no effort on my part but she really appreciated it. When I was moving and told her that the next week would be my last bus trip she was so sad. She met me the next friday with a big bunch of flowers and a beautiful good luck card. I held it together but had a little cry when I was on my own later!

My Mum is the queen of the random act of kindness. I remember once I had to pick her up from the train in Sydney after she came up from visiting my brother in Melbourne. When I got to the station she was sitting on the bench holding a baby while the mother slept on the seat next to her. 

Turns out the poor mother had been on her own for days and the baby had been sick. Neither of them had slept much and Mum witnessed her struggling for the whole trip. When they got off the woman’s husband called to say that his car had broken down near Newcastle and it would be hours till he could pick her up. She was so exhausted she just burst into tears. Thats when mum took the baby from her and told her to get some rest – she protested but as soon as she sat down she was out to it. 

I bought Mum some lunch and she entertained the baby for two hours while the woman slept. Her husband arrived soon after and was so grateful (although he was probably a little confused).