the strangest places

Every now and then I do a google search of my name to find out where it's popping up on the interwebs. Vain, I know. Usually a few real estate websites show up first with articles I've written about property investing, and then there's a listing for a marie claire article I wrote about the contraceptive pill, and then links to this blog.

Googling my own name is not just for vanity's sake - it's also proven quite profitable! Once, I found my name on an online story for Cosmopolitan Brazil. It was a reproduction of an article I'd written for Cosmo in Australia, but they hadn't paid me for the reprint, so I chased up another fee. Bonus!

Tonight, I googled my name for the first time in about a year and this strange entry popped up:

I'm officially, albeit very loosely, connected to the Neighbours juggernaut!! As a long term fan of the show, I couldn't be more pleased!!


Verity said...

Jealous!!!! :)