queensland floods. just devastating

Like most Australians, I've been glued to the TV the last few days as the tragedy of the Queensland flood crisis unfolds. It's so devastating to see your home state torn to shreds in a matter of hours, and the stories that are coming out of it.. well, I've been in tears more than I've been not crying the last few days!

They say that once you have a child, you'll forever be more sensitive towards negative news stories to do with children. Good lord, is that true. I'm sensitive by nature, so I was always upset when I heard that something bad happened, but now, wow.. it hits you like a truck.

When I heard about the four-year-old boy who drowned while rescuers were trying to get his family to safety, I bawled. Lost it.

And the 13-year-old boy, Jordan Rice, who asked rescuers to take his little brother and mum first. They were able to save the 10-year-old boy, but by the time they came back for Jordan and his mum, Donna, it was too late, and they were swept away and drowned. It all happens in a matter of minutes - seconds, even - and it's almost too hard to comprehend. When I was speaking to mum about all of this, that's the word she used: incomprehensible. It's just so heart breaking.

But, there are some beautiful stories of bravery, courage and survival that have emerged, so I'm trying to keep them top of mind. Like this awesome guy, who waded into the chest-high water to save a frightened horse:

Mia Freedman has just uploaded an awesome post about how we can all help. After seeing the above video, I instantly donated to the Equine charity and RSPCA :)

I'm so uplifted to see how people have been responding to this disaster.  Offering accommodation to strangers, minding pets, volunteering to cook, helping with rescue efforts, donating cash... Australia is a county that rallies, and over the last few days, I've never been prouder to be an Australian.