the not-so-glamourous life

I've written before about my love of "behind the scenes" celebrity stories. Maybe it's because I work in the media and I know how much effort goes into projecting the "right" image, so I enjoy seeing what goes on around the shiny red carpet moments.

It's also because I'd love the chance to enjoy the life of a wealthy celebrity, even for just a day - to have a cleaner and a gardener, and a house big enough to require a cleaner and a gardener. Filled with furniture that we didn't have to assemble ourselves. And maybe even an Oprah-style personal chef.

Articles like this one, though, serve as a gentle reminder that sometimes, no matter how much cash you have or how bright your celebrity star is shining, you have to do stuff that is decidedly unglamorous.

During an interview to promote her new movie Life As We Know It, Katherine Heigl talks about her baby daughter, Naliegh. More specifically, she talks about her baby's bowel movements.

“In the beginning, when they’re little, it’s not that bad,” Heigl says. 

“But now she’s almost 2 and she really needs to get potty trained. This is now grown-up kind of pooping. 

"Yesterday I was in an airplane, and they didn’t have one of those fold-down changing tables in the tiny bathroom. I had to lay her across the toilet and kneel below her. It was brutal. And the smell was... I was thinking, what did you eat? So now, I’m committed to potty training.”