first world problems

I work from home and as a result, I have a really awesome commute each day. It's about 20 steps from the kitchen, where I eat coco pops standing up at the bench, to my office, which is down at the other end of the house.

In my last job before I became a freelancer I used to catch a train to work, which took about 45 minutes each way door-to-door. Even that wasn't that bad, by Sydney standards. I have friends who have commuted two hours each way to get and from work each day... that's 20 hours a week of smelly armpits, questionable sticky seats and sharing your personal space with strangers. Ick.

So yes, my morning commute is brilliant and I'm super grateful for it.

But I do have one little gripe about my morning routine: the internet.

Every other day, it just decides not to work.

I get to my desk, settle in with a cup of tea, launch the internet and attempt to log in to gmail, and then... nothing. Sometimes, I get that evil apple colour wheel of death. Usually, though, the computer just has a giant think before declaring, "Page can't be displayed as you are not connected to the internet."


So I have to amble back down the hallway to the living room, bend down to unplug the modem - which is no easy task at the moment, with 8 months worth of pregnant belly - hold it for 10 seconds, re-plug it into the wall, then waddle back to my desk and reconnect to the internet.

The whole process takes all of two minutes, so it's really no big deal.

In fact it's such a first world problem that it barely deserves to be mentioned, let alone griped about on the interwebs.

But, I work by myself. I don't have co-workers to commiserate with as we make our 10.30am coffees in the staff kitchen, and I don't have an IT guy to complain to. So, I'm whinging to cyberspace. Thanks for listening :) I feel loads better now.

As you were.