my favourite moment

I love this post on MamaMia last week - it's all about your favourite moment of the day. Mia writes:

I gave a corporate keynote speech at a conference a couple of weeks ago and one of the other speakers... was talking about the moment in your day you love most. The one that makes you happiest. Makes you exhale. Feel grounded. Curl your toes with delight. Something that’s part of your everyday routine.

For her, she said it was the moment she got into her office each day at 7:30am when she had her latte and raisin toast at her desk. Nobody else was around and she got to drink that coffee and eat that toast while getting ready for her day. It only lasted a few minutes and she didn’t even realise how important it was to her. 

Until it was gone. When she had a baby and took maternity leave, she found herself getting stressed and falling into a hole. When she tried to work out what it was that was missing, she realised it was her morning moment with her raisin toast and latte. Suddenly, she was lucky if she grabbed something to eat by lunchtime and never in peace.
When she explained this to her husband, he very sweetly bought her a cappuccino machine. She was touched but it only helped her realise that is wasn’t the toast and coffee itself, it was those moments of solitude while having her breakfast. It was also the fact that someone else had made it. Having worked that out, she better understood what she needed and was in a better position to try and make it happen.

It got me thinking about my favourite moment of the day. When I worked as a journalist for a publisher in St Leonards my favourite moment was around 10.30am, when I'd nip across the road to the cafe to buy peanut butter on toast. 

Whenever I make it at home I apply a scraping of butter to moisten the bread and a light smear of PB, but the cafe ladies favoured extravagent lashings of spread. The over-sized slices of lightly-toasted brown bread were drowning in butter and then slathered with peanut butter, for the princely sum of $2.50. It was magic. Mmm now I'm hungry...

These days I work from home and I think my favourite moment is when my husband gets home. He starts at 4am and arrives home around midday, so I usually break for lunch when he gets home and we eat together. We make tea and coffee and sandwiches or eggs and toast, and watch a little Oprah or Dr. Phil while we catch up on our days. Then he goes to bed for an afternoon nap - did I mention he starts at 4am? - and I go back to work for my "afternoon shift". It's a lovely routine that will likely be shot to shit once the little one arrives in a few months, but at least we can enjoy it for now :)