gladys for a girl, bruce for a boy?

This week I've been researching an article on Baby Names, which is a bit of a bonus, as David and I are currently workshopping names for our own little muppet. We don't know whether a boy or girl will be joining us in November, so we'd like to be prepared with a shortlist for both.

Sadly, I've discovered that ALL of the names I love are popular, and they regularly pop up in top 10 lists. Why does that happen?!

It's a "chicken and the egg" type of deal: I wonder whether we start hearing these names more frequently, so they subconsciously become more familiar and we start to like them more? Or is it just a matter of coincidence that every pregnant woman between 2008 - present has loved the names Jack, William, Ella and Olivia?!

I did a little re-con and discovered that my folks weren't too original - check out the number one pick for 1981!

(# 27 is also my middle name, Katherine).

I thought I'd check out the lists from yester-year to see if I could pluck any inspiration from the most popular names in 1929. Unless we decide to call our baby Shirely, Lorna or Norma, we're out of luck - although Elsie is quite cute!


lukesturner said...

You well know I've been on the Graham & Pearl bandwagon for quite some time!