season finale

Last night we watched the final episode of Roseanne, and it was so sad!

I know, the show finished 13 years ago, so I'm over a decade late, but I've just started watching Roseanne again now that 111 Hits plays it all the time.

The first time I watched it, I was 9 and I didn't get most of the jokes, but I always laughed along with my siblings anyway. Now that I do get the jokes, they're pretty funny! Except for the season finale...

The last episode wasn't funny. Dan died. I cried! 

It turns out that the WHOLE SERIES - all nine seasons, complete with interchangeable Becky's - was a figment of Roseanne's imagination!!

It's revealed in the final episode that the matriach of the Connor family struggled to cope with everything that life threw her way, so she vented all of her frustrations by writing. Thus every episode of the series, we learn, was based on Roseanne Connor's musings.

In "reality"...
  • Jackie is gay
  • Becky is with David
  • Darlene is married to Mark
  • The Connor's never won the lottery
  • and Dan has died of a heart attack!!
The shock is still SO RAW that I had to blog about it this morning. You television writers, you play with our emotions so...