poor david.

Just when I thought I was cruising through this pregnancy with limited emotional side effects, the hormones have kicked in. Yikes.

I've had soo many physical reactions - vomiting, nausea, migraines, leg cramps - that I thought I might be spared the highs and lows of hormonal fluctuations. Hmm. Not so much.

The last few days I've been a little bit difficult to live with, and David has handled it so well. I won't go into the nitty gritty - they're boring and involve such things as getting to the post office before 5pm (there were tears) - but he has calmly responded to my outbursts with gems like, "Why don't I go to the post office for you, while you catch up on an ep of Desperate Housewives?"

It's made me wonder how pregnant women cope in seriously serious situations. Like this women, Elizabeth, who concealed her pregnancy from her boss so she could continue working. Her job? Reporting from the front line as an embedded journalist in Iraq. 

I can't even imagine doing that job under normal conditions, but with pregnancy hormones and crazy cravings and irrational reactions to seemingly normal situations?! I would go bonkers. And so would everyone around me.