what a news cycle

Holy crap! The last 24 hours have been massive. I usually try to avoid the news because it's often sad and depressing, but last night it was hard to avoid the breaking news that our Prime Minister is on the verge of being ousted! What the?!

I mean, I knew Rudd wasn't all that popular, but a challenge for the leadership is pretty intense. And now, suddenly, we have a new female PM. Creating history, yes, but the whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. It's politics and all, I get it, but all of that behind-the-scenes scheming and bitching and conniving against our PM just seems so... underhanded. unAustralian.

It feels a bit icky because, a) Rudd ends his prime ministership so unceremoniously, and b) having our first ever female PM is a pretty big deal, but there's so much negativity and deviousness surrounding her appointment. The Australian people didn't even elect her! I don't know. I just prefer it when things play out nicely :)

In other news - the World Cup!! Australia won, but it wasn't enough to qualify us to move ahead. Boo.

And then the tennis! At Wimbledon, John Isner and Nicholas Mahut played for seven hours to reach 59-59 - a Wimbledon record - before they had to turn in for the evening due to crappy lighting.

I'm not sure who wrote this article, as it was republished on SMH's website via the London Telegraph, but the writing perfectly captures the exhaustion of the match. They'll pick up today where they left off at 9pm last night:

Isner, physically deteriorating by the minute, was now moving about court in between points like golden syrup off a spoon - slower, even - from the effort of bending his 6ft 8in frame to retrieve backhands skidding inches from the ground...

Mahut - incredibly - still looked sharp.

John McEnroe, watching courtside, suggested doctors should be present.

"These guys are going to be tired the next day, next week, next month," Roger Federer said.