grocery shopping

I went to Coles yesterday to pick up some toilet paper and, predictably, spent $55. It's all those end units with shiny sale products that do me in... even when I literally "run in" to buy one thing, I always walk out with at least two bags full of crap. I'm a sucker.

When I grabbed my four (oops!) bags of groceries yesterday, I accidentally picked up the receipt that the previous customer had left behind.

It's funny how revealing a supermarket receipt can be.

"First years spoons, $4.99"
"Playtex first sipper, $13.85"
"Huggies nappies crawl, 44 pack, $19.00"

I wonder how old her baby is? Has little one just started crawling - hence the epic haul of 130-odd appropriate nappies - or has he/she been moving around on hands and knees for months?

It made me wonder what assumptions people would make about me if they'd found my receipt!

"12 pack eco-toilet rolls, $4.89"
"Snack Cadbury chocolate, 200g, $3.00"

"Avocado, $1.79"

"Purina Beneful Weight Management dog biscuits, $12.45"

It's way more 'sad, hippie dog lady' than I would have liked!