This is my 200th blog post! How time flies when you're dabbling aimlessly in the interwebs...

I thought I'd celebrate my 200th post with some interesting comments delivered by Woody Allen, who has a new movie coming out called Whatever Works.

"It's like what Auden said about death being the distant sound of thunder at a picnic: that's what [life] is. You're at a picnic but there's a distant sound of thunder. You know some day you're going to die. Your loved ones will die. It's not a nice thought. If you can get lost in the distractions, it's great, but if you're one of the people who can't... you've got to find some way of coping with reality without denial.”

So there's the meaning of life, according to Allen: distractions, to keen our attention diverted from our "grim" and "meaningless existence".

“Distractions. Yeah, distractions. If I'm in bed with my wife, I like it; if I'm playing with my clarinet, I like it; if I'm playing with my kids, I like it, but these are distractions."

I'm not convinced. Meanwhile, here's the trailer - it looks kind of interesting!