The Logies were on last night!!  It was fun to watch this year, usually it's a little boring. The best part - the frocks! You can see 'em all here, but here's the highlights:

Kat Stewart from Underbelly was ridiculously eloquent - she played Roberta so well on the series, I was expecting at least one f-bomb! So glad they both won.

Nat Bassingthwaite looked HOT!! Love the bangs and the dusty blonde hair. She looked stunning.

Jury's still out... at least she mixed it up a bit. The hair is to die.

Gretel's new hair looked A-MA-ZING. Couldn't find a better shot than this screen grab, but she looked smokin'.

Dannii's (with two i's) looked stylish with her futuristic bob.

Bec (Gold Logie winner!!) looked gorgeous, love this frock - so stylish but age-appropriate.