save the polaroid!!

Polaroid have ceased production of instant film for their cameras!  Nooo!  I don't currently own a polaroid camera, but suddenly the thought of never being able to buy one made me really protective of them, and sad that they're now a redundant technology.  

I'm nostalgic for a time before digital pix.  There's a whole generation of kids who only know instant photos. Sad! They don't know the joy of dropping a roll of film at the chemist, and anticipating the visual treats that await you at the pre-determined collection time. Your heart races a little when you collect them, because there's always a chance that you overexposed the film when loading it, or the lab messed up when processing your roll. And when you flick through your set of 24 or 36, you laugh out loud at the terrible shots, and you linger on the 2 or 3 pictures that are actually really lovely. Now it's just preen, snap, review, delete. Repeat, repeat. Boring.

Anyway, I digress. Polaroid cameras are equally as awesome as regular film cameras, and there's this company, 'Impossible bv', who has bought a 10-year lease on the old polaroid factory. They're determined for find a new, less complex way to create and produce instant film for polaroid cameras. How cool is that!  Check em out here, and visit the savepolaroid website here.