planes are rad!

I understand that there are laws of physics as to how a plane flies, but I'm more of a "right brain" person: "isn't that rainbow pretty?!" rather than "that rainbow is a direct result of X air pressure and Y water refracting off..." Yikes...

So it still amazes me that these massive, giant hunks of metal can sail through the air and deliver you to a new country on the other side of the world in a matter of hours.

I woke up at 6.30am on Monday morning in Sydney, and took my dogs for a nice hour-long walk around our neighbourhood. And then 26 hours later, I was falling asleep in a hotel at LAX. 36 hours later, I was on a bus heading towards the centre of Seattle!

Seattle is an amazing city. Friendly, big, attractive, clean, buzzing. Love it here. We did the underground tour today - that was fun. Seattle was wiped out in a huge fire in the late 1800s, so they decided to build over the city (one floor up) rather than start again on the ground level. So there's this whole "city under the city" here! Awesome. Our tour guide said some people have seen ghosts down there... not today though. We didn't even see a rat. Still, a seriously cool day.