still breastfeeding... and she's almost 9!

Is this child abuse?!

This YouTube video shows an 8-year-old girl breastfeeding. 8 years old!!

Her sister was breastfed until she was 5, because mum believes it's up to the kids to decide when they want to give up the boob.

Her daughter says that breast milk is "better than anything, better than mango even" - and the two girls even have nick-names their mother's breasts.

Parents continually debate about "the right age" to stop breastfeeding, but isn't an 8 year old girl breastfeeding just plain wrong? Even if the mother believes her daughter needs the nutrients, surely she shouldn't deliver it direct from the source...

Her daughter won't breastfeed forever, mum quickly clarifies, saying "they will not breastfeed when they go to college and get married... It's never going to happen. Once you're out in that big bad world that's it - there is no save haven like being at mothers breast."

Watch the entire disturbing four-minute clip here, if you can stomach it. Something about watching an 8-year-old latch on to nipple made me queasy...