avocado sandwiches

In my street we have the best corner store ever.  It's run by a sweet little old European couple, and they always call us "darlings", and if we only have $3.00 and the milk is actually $3.40, they let us have it anyway. They're great.

Today I popped over there for bread, milk, and an impulse buy of fresh hot cross buns that were sitting at the counter (can't wait to eat them for breakfast tomorrow!). I asked Mrs. Darling if they had any avocado, and she was all out. 

After I'd paid for my groceries, though, she told me to wait a second, and she picked up one last avocado she had behind the counter for customers who wanted it on a sandwich. She cut it in half, and put one avocado cheek in my hand. "You have this on a sandwich, darling," she said in her thick accent. "Put it on bread with a little salt and pepper, beautiful. You take it! No charge."

So I did, and I had two avocado and tomato sandwiches for lunch. And they were delicious. And I was in a lovely mood all afternoon, because of her niceness. Such small gestures can really make your day :)