kristy hinze and baby dylan

Kristy Hinze gave birth to a little girl, Dylan (my secret favourite girl's baby name that I will never have the nerve to actually use!) last September. Photo's of her gorgeous four-month-old appeared in the latest issue of WHO magazine and it got me thinking, as I always do with celebrity mums, whether they have even slightly similar parenting experiences to us "regular people".

Kristy's a supermodel so she was independently wealthy to begin with, and then she married a billionaire. They have mansions and $100m yachts and housekeepers and personal chefs, so she obviously won't be caught up in things like, say, the endless mountains of washing that most parents of newborns cope with.

But what about the other stuff? Even though she likely has a night nurse, does she still wake up throughout the night and tend to her baby? Did she have any trouble breastfeeding? Does she think about sleep training and does the baby share her room, or sleep in the nursery already? Does she fret about starting the baby on solids, worrying that four months is too early and six months is too late and the experts warn about allergies if you start too early – or is it too late? – and now some pediatricians are now saying that rice cereal is not the ideal food to start babies on, but really what else should you start them on...

Or was that just me?

I'd love to read an interview with a celebrity mum just once that goes beyond "How I lost my baby weight!" and delves a little deeper...