lila's phone antics

Today my baby girl Lila turned 13 months old! My little bear is getting so big and expressive. She can bust out a whole range of tricks like high-fives, fist bumps, twinkle stars and dancing on cue. And now, she can use my iPhone.

One of her fave games is pawing through my handbag and painstakingly removing every item, each of which she inspects thoroughly – paying extra attention to zips, buttons and embellishments – before spreading it all around her like she's taking apart a bomb. The game usually ends with her clutching my phone, holding it up to her ear and saying "Hello Lila!"

Last week she figured out how to press the button to turn the screen on. Then a few days ago, she learned how to swipe the screen open. I only realised when my cousin, Venita, called and apologised for missing my call earlier... except, I hadn't called. Lila had! I handed over my phone and watched her play, and within a few seconds she had successfully swiped open the screen. Clever little muppet!

I looked through my phone history and she'd called four people, it turns out, before indulging in a little net browsing. This was apparently my last viewed website... looks like I need to pay more attention to her phone habits, or I may end up with a sky-high phone and data bill.