I want a house manager

I'm addicted to Real Housewives reality shows and all of their associated spin-offs - Bethenny Getting Married, Bethenny Ever After, Pregnant in Heels, the list goes on. I love being able to dip into the lives of the extravagantly rich and sometimes famous, and even though the drama is often crafted to create good TV, it's nice to be reminded that everyone has crap going on in their lives regardless of their bank balance.

There is one thing I am seriously envious of, though, when I'm watching these programs. It's not the 15-room mansions or the staff of live-on nannies, nor the private jets, expensive cars and fabulous parties (although all of these things would be lovely)... It's the house managers!

Oh, what I would give to have someone in my life to download my life admin to - to take care of all of those annoying tasks that clutter up your brain when you're trying to fall asleep at night. When I'm loaded, that's where I'm going to spend my hard earned.

I did a little googling to see what kind of jobs House Managers actually do and came across this job site that matches homes with all kinds of help. This family is looking to add their fourth housekeeper to their team. I'd settle for a cleaner who whips through for a vacuum, mop and dust once a month..  

Seeking a full charge housekeeper for a large busy home in Brentwood. There are three others housekeepers on staff. Must be a team player and have amazing organizational skills. Main responsibilities include cleaning the upstairs, including the master bedroom and bath, kids rooms and bath, nannies room and bath and closet organization. Must have an amazing skill set and know how to work with fine clothing items and furniture. The family lives in Malibu most of the summer months. Monday - Friday 7am - 3:30pm. Salary DOE.