a bit of perspective

Over the weekend, a few things bothered me.

1. Crappy drivers. I've braved the roads quite a bit this weekend, including a trip half way to the Blue Mountains to meet my friend's gorgeous new baby, Henry! So many drivers in Sydney are fkd. I got honked for merging; honked for not merging quickly enough. Honked for driving too fast and too slow. I've honked way too many other drivers in front of me, who missed lights because they were too busy texting or playing with their phones. Pay attention to the road, people!

2. Health insurance. My premium just went up, again. We now pay $61 per week, and that's not even top cover! I was looking at my files the other day and when we joined my health fund in 2004, we were paying $90.35 a month. Now it's $264.30 per month. I understand that seven years have passed so an increase is to be expected, but the premium has tripled! I think I'm going to chop down our coverage/move to another health fund... which of course means I'll need an emergency knee replacement the day after I make the move.

3. Software malfunctions. A program on my work laptop inexplicably shit its pants this weekend, right when I really needed it. I'm quite the gumby when it comes to IT so I feel really out of my depth when I have computer issues.

But then, it was Red Nose Day, and SIDS has been all over the news. David found me weeping over the newspaper yesterday morning, reading about a woman whose six-month-old boy passed away in his sleep one morning. I've sobbed through a few other excruciating stories, like this one and this one, about parents who've had to cope with losing their babies.

And suddenly, I don't care about idiotic dish-rag drivers and the seven loads of washing I've got to fold and our impending $80,000 power bill from all the heaters I have cranked at the moment!

It's such a cliche, but Lila puts everything into perspective. As long as she's safe and healthy and happy, everything else is secondary. Having a good whinge on the interwebs helps, too :)