the easter show

I have a love-hate relationship with the Easter Show. There's so much to love. Showbags! Carnies! That sideshow game where you shove table tennis balls down a clown's mouth so you can try and win a plastic snake!

But the last time I trekked out to the Royal Easter Show, I was... underwhelmed.

To begin with, entry cost almost as much as a meal at a decent restaurant! A quick check reveals that the entry price is still phenomenal: $34 per adult. That's a nice pasta with a rocket and parmesan side salad, and maybe a cheeky glass of wine too. 

Once you're in the front gate, the sideshow games are five bucks each. A dagwood dog is another $4.50. Rides (if you want to brave that carnie craziness!) are another $4-6 a piece. It's a pretty expensive day out! Imagine going with kids; a family of four could easily churn through $300 for the day.

But none of that matters, really, because I haven't mentioned the most important part: the showbag pavillion. Showbags are the treat I lust after the most. When I was little my sister took me the show and she bought me 9 showbags!! I felt like the absolute luckiest girl in the world.

I think that now as an adult, going back to the show and stocking up on showbags transports me right back to the 8-year-old girl in me. When you're young, having oodles of treats all just for you is just about as awesome as it gets. I especially loved the Bertie Beetle showbag; it was $2 back then and it's still $2 now. It's been $2 for the last 15 years!

When I reminisced over the the showbag pavillion this morning, with its endless lines of Cadbury bags and Twisties treat packs, it was almost enough to make me want to brave the crowds (with a pram and a 5-month-old!) to head to the Easter Show. Almost. Instead, I decided to go to the grown up showbag pavillion: Coles! "Snack" chocolate family blocks are half price this week! I was so excited, I bought four delicious, indulgent blocks. Happy Easter to me!