sleepy snoopy

Shocking revelation: it's really, really cold in Sydney at the moment. It's turning me into a really unsociable hermit, because all I want to do is snuggle up on the couch with my sleeping bag/snuggie and watch endless episodes of Law & Order: SVU and Desperate Housewives!

So on Friday night, we did just that - and it was AWESOME. I made mini-quiches for dinner, and then we cracked open a block of chocolate and watched the last three episodes of the last ever season of 24. Best. Night. Ever!

Snoopy had a great night too. We've put little sweaters on the dogs because they get so cold they sometimes shake (aw!), so I let Snoopy have the other end of the couch and he snuggled up under the sleeping bag as well. He's such a cute little muppet :)