sally sensitive

I'm such a Sensitive Sally, truly, and now that I'm all pregnant and hormonal, I've gotten much worse.

Yesterday we had an epic travel fail: we missed our Delta flight from NYC-LAX, even though we arrived at the airport 2 hours before our departure time.

We'd checked in online the night before and when we arrived the morning of our flight, the attendant told us we were well overweight (how rude!).

So we were faffing about in the check in area, re-packing and re-weighing our bags, and evidently we didn't check our bags through in time - we were six minutes late. We had been loitering in the virtually-barren check in area for almost an hour and there were staff everywhere, none of whom warned us about the strict one-hour bag check in policy. But still, they wouldn't budge. Cue fuming!

As if that wasn't annoying enough, the woman behind the desk was sooo incredibly rude and patronising when informing us that we were six minutes late and would need to wait four hours for the next flight - plus pay a $50pp fee.

When I asked why there weren't any signs warning about the baggage policy, nor any warnings from the dozen or so staff members milling around, she curtly replied there were "plenty of opportunities to get that information online". Cue the big fat, salty, uncontrollable crocodile tears. Sensitive Sally strikes! (P to the S > never flying Delta ever again!)

But we made it, and today we're in beautiful sunny LA, and we've had a gorgeous day. Breakfast by the pool, some ping-pong, a quick dip in the pool and a drive to the Disney Ice-Cream Parlour on Hollywood Blvd for delicious Banana Split Sundaes. But wait! Sensitive Sally strikes again...

So after paying for our parking after our delicious dessert treats, my friend spotted some cash on the ground. A decent amount - more than $20, less than $200. There was no one around, and we were in a big car park attached to a touristy shopping centre, so there was nowhere to hand it in.

But now, I feel soooo bad for the person that lost it! It feels like dirty money. We've kept it, with vague intentions to do something good with it (don't know what?!), but I can't help but wonder who it belonged to, and how crap their day is as a result of losing it. Odds are, the money fell out of the pocket of a tourist, and while that sucks (after all, I'm a tourist!), at least they're on "holiday money" and they're in "holiday mindset" so they'll rebound pretty quickly. I hope so. Ugh!

I feel plagued with guilt! Would you feel guilty in this situation?! I need to go and work through the anxiety with a quick swim... we'll be returning to Sydney Winter in mere days, so I'm soaking up the sun while I can! :)