what happens in Vegas..

..stays in Vegas, or so the saying goes. But that only really applies if you get up to really crazy shenanigans, and since my recent trip to Sin City was completely PG, I think it's okay to dish the details!

So after a 26-hour journey door-to-door from Sydney to Las Vegas, Nevada, my friend Tania and I finally checked in to our suite at Caesars Palace. We booked an el-cheapo basic room, but when we checked in at 1am on a Friday night they didn't have any basic rooms available, so we were upgraded to an amazing junior suite overlooking the pool. Cha-ching!

Only downside? One section of the pool area transforms into a VIP pool party on the weekends - complete with European (neked!) sunbathing - so the bass starting pumping at 10am. After falling into bed circa 2am I was hoping for a whopping big sleep-in, but you don't really go to Vegas to rest and relax, I guess..

The next four days were spent shopping, eating, dancing, walking, exploring, sunbathing, swimming and reading. Yeah, it was really tough. We also saw Jerry Seinfeld doing stand-up one night, which was hilarious! The only thing missing was "drinking", which I had planned on getting involved in quite routinely - after all, it's Vegas, and the drinks are FREE in Vegas! FREE!!

But alas, it wasn't meant to be, as I managed to get knocked up between booking the trip and arriving on The Strip. Nothing shuts down a conversation in a nightclub quite as quickly as "Can I buy you a drink?", followed by "No thanks, I'm pregnant!" The men sprint away from you as fast as their legs can carry them.  

Tania's friend organised us entry into a nightclub called TAO - where we bumped into one of the Kardashian's, I think it was Kourtney? - and WOW, was that an eye-opener! Scantily clad models pouted and posed from elevated paltforms; nearly-nude girls writhed around in baths overflowing with rose petals; and the waitresses only wore underwear - like bras and knickers, garters and for the over-dressed gals, a corset. Ce-razy!

Our fancy wristbands entitled us to free bevvies all night, so I made my way through an array of juices before collapsing into bed. Holidays are hard work!

Next stop was Chicago, where we checked into Hotel Felix, a newly-overhauled complex that was completely green: it was redeveloped using recycled materials including the carpet, and it embraces as many eco-friendly and recycling/reusing processes and products as possible.

It was the perfect antidote to crazy Vegas, where smoking is almost mandatory - my suitcase stank of cigarettes by the time we left, and my nose and throat were scratchy from the omni-present smoke that loitered in every casino, foyer and restaurant. Four days was plenty!

Chicago was amazing, but I'll fill you in on that next time - I'm off to bed :)


Agnes said...

Sarah that sounds fab!!!