sex & the city 2!

Tonight we braved the well-heeled (literally!) crowds and lined up with thousands of screaming fans along the red carpet of the Sex & The City 2 world premiere at Radio City Music Hall.

I am a HUGE SATC fan - so much so that I turn off the TV as soon as a SATC2 trailer comes on because I want to know as LITTLE about the plot as possible before I see the film. I did it last time and walked into the theatre not even knowing that Big and Carrie were getting married. I mean, what's the deal with giving away the whole movie in the trailer?! Soo frustrating!

Anyway, David has become a default SATC fan because we watch it so frequently in our household. At first he would put up with it because he liked seeing New York City in the background... and then he got caught up in the storylines. More than once I've gone to bed and heard the signature theme song blaring from the lounge room as he settles in for another episode, so he's kind of a bonefide fan these days.

SO! The Premiere. We turned up to Radio City Music Hall on 50th street at around 5.30pm, and the street was pretty quiet. There were oodles of ladies, dressed in beautiful dresses and sky-high heels, lining up against the wall, but there was nowhere near enough drama for a movie premiere of this magnitude. A quick chat with a chubby security guard revealed that the red carpet premiere was on the other side of the building, on 51st street - this was the line for people who were actually seeing the movie.

We traipsed around the corner and, WOW!

The red carpet was dressed with elaborate chandeliers and beautiful lighting. There were about a million glammed-up reporters and photographers and then on the other side of the road were thousands of squished fans. We joined the harem.

The first 30 minutes were boring and event-free, and I seriously considered bailing in favour of a hot fudge sundae from McDonalds in Times Square. Then we squeezed our way up the line until we were smack bang in front of the E! News press pit. By 6.30pm the stars were starting to strut the red carpet, and the crowds went crazy. This is where having a 6 foot 3 husband comes in handy!

I was predictably hot and nauseous and fatigued and dizzy all at once, so I stepped back a little from the heaving crowd and let David work his magic. He pushed his way to the front and took some AWESOME photos!

Thankfully I'm reasonably tall too, so I was able to squeeze a few glimpses over the top of the crowd. SJP looked classy but pretty understated in her bright yellow frock - I was expecting more drama! Kristen Davis looked gorgeous with a high bun and pink frock: she rocked this look in SATC one ep when Charlotte was all inspired after watching an Elizabeth Taylor documentary, and she looked hot. Cynthia Nixon was just stunning (she's grown her hair long!) and Kym Cattrall looked ridiculously hot for a woman of 54.

Anyway, you can judge for yourself with our pics, below (click on the photo for a bigger version). The clothes!! The hair!! The impossibly smooth skin!! And that's just the guys.. hehe. It was totally worth lining up, and I'm more excited than ever to see the movie now. Woohoo!