The girls recently came over to spend a full day cutting and sewing for SHARE, an amazing program my friend Verity started.

The SHARE Project provides primary or secondary school students in rural communities in Kenya with access to reusable fabric sanitary pads. Without them, the girls either stop going to school when they get their period (because they get teased by the boys) or they use unhealthy traditional methods to manage their cycle (like stuffing their pants with dried cow dung).

So last Saturday, Verity, Lauren, Agnes, Jacinta and I set up shop in my living room and spent the day cutting up old towels, sheets and fabric scraps, before sewing them together into washable, reusable sanitary pads.

It's a pretty incredible program run by a pretty incredible woman - if you're keen to get involved, you can donate old sheets and towels, or your time to cut them up into patterns, your sewing skills if you have them, or plain old cash, right here!


Verity said...

Aw aren't you sweet! And awesome, I now have Jacinta's blog address... clicked and added!