imagine being

Jennifer Aniston.

She's just finished renovating her home in Beverly Hills, a process that took the better part of two-and-a-half years. And the end result is predictably AH-MAZE-ING.

It has the regulars you'd expect from a celebrity abode: koi pond, indoor spa bath, pool table, stunning views, a kitchen the size of my entire house.

A bridge leading to the dramatic 14-foot-high front door.

A TV that rises up from the ground at the foot of her bed!

And - wait for it - a custom-made wood-fired PIZZA OVEN in the kitchen! Cause, apparently, she has regular pizza nights.

I wonder if Monica - I mean, Countney Cox comes over for pizza night. Or maybe they sit outside on a Friday night, order in Thai takeaway, and crack open a bottle of sav blanc, before launching into a lengthy whinge about the paparazzi and the box office results of their latest flick.

God, I'd love to be her for just five minutes so I could find out.

I mean, a pizza oven?! I can practically taste the melted feta and sweet potato...


Anonymous said...

Oh darn, I was hoping that was the pad you were staying at in NY! Was defintely going to visit then!