I don't like using the Sydney Harbour Tunnel at the best of times, but when this sign flashes upon entry, I get mildly panicked!

David was driving, not me, when I snapped this pic last week. We were on our way to dinner, which we were running late for, because we had accidentally locked ourselves out of the house just before leaving.

It was a comedy of errors that thankfully, somehow, didn't result in a screaming match on the street: with three dogs at our feet, both of us dressed up to go out, and neither of us packing a mobile phone, we were teetering on that precipice between "Blame Game" and "Angryville"!

David saved the day and gained us access back into our home - without having to call an out-of-hours locksmith!! - so the drama was all over within 20 minutes.

But, needless to say, when you're already running late and you're dealing with peak hour traffic, a flashing red sign that warns "CONGESTED TRAFFIC"- right after you've crossed the point of no return in a tunnel - is enough to make your heart sink.

Oh, Sydney traffic, how I love thee!


Agnes said...

Call me old fashioned but I just don't believe that people belong in an artificial cavity below the water – especially in standstill traffic. It goes against everything that I believe in (which is, more or less, that cars belong on open roads without speed limits. I should add that I think before being handed the keys, drivers should pass an IQ test, a common-sense test and a proper defensive driving test.)