best week ever!

Hmm, maybe "best week ever" is over-selling a little, but it's been pretty frickin' rad.

Firstly, I finished a major project that has been keeping me up til the early hours of the morning for most of January. I ghost-wrote a property investing book for one of my lovely regular clients, and I delivered the last chapter on the weekend. 60,000 odd words = my brain needs a break! I have six eps of Gossip Girl ready to go.

Secondly, I booked flights for our amazing six-week vacation to New York this May/June! We get to escape Sydney winter and live in a native New Yorker's apartment, so we can pretend that we live there too. I am beyond excited!!!

I'm also spending a few days in Las Vegas with my friend Tania, who will fly down from Canada, and I scored a cheap FIRST CLASS ticket to take me from LAX-VEGAS. I've never flown up the front of the plane before! It's only an hour-long flight, but it's still going to be awesome. Priority check in? In flight bevy's? Big fat seats? Don't mind if I do!

And lastly, maybe most importantly, this morning I got to interview my long-time career idol, Mia Freedman. She was incredibly lovely and gracious and down to earth, just as I hoped she would be. I've looked up to Mia since I was a 15-year-old magazine junkie who wanted desperately to be a "writer" more than anything in the world. This morning was tops.

Also this week, I sponsored a bear! Animals Asia just rescued 19 moon bears from a bile farm in Vietnam; unfortunately one big guy, Rasberry, had to be put to sleep as his internal injuries, caused by bile farming, were so bad. At least the rest of his friends can enjoy all of the fruit and sultanas and tubs of honey they like in their beautiful new sanctuary.

What a super fantastic week!