annoying neighbours

I live in a great neighbourhood and for the most part, my neighbours are pretty cool. There are a couple of bored dogs that bark ALL DAY LONG, which can be irritating when I'm doing phone interviews, but it's not their fault so I try to block it out.

There is one neighbour in our street - and I don't even know who it is - that I just can't stand. I honestly and truly don't like them, and I usually like everybody.

It's a wheelie bin issue.

Behind our street is an alley, and clustered in the corner of our alley is all of our wheelie bins - about two dozen of them - to take care of trash, recycling, plastics and cans.

Sometimes, other people's junk fills our bins, which I'm okay with, because there are plenty of bins to go around. Apparently, house number 23 doesn't agree.

A few weeks ago, David dropped some paper recycling in #23's recycling bin, because ours was full. It was about two handfuls worth of paper and cardboard, so nothing huge. The next morning, all of our paper was dumped at our back fence - some of it was junk mail with our address on it, so the neighbour knew where to dump the offending literature.

Last night, same thing - our bin was full, so husband dumped the papers in a different bin. Again, this morning, they were all dumped back at our backyard.

It makes me so angry!

Where's your sense of community? And sharing?? And, like, having a freaking life?!

Who goes to the effort of dumping the contents of the bin at someone's back door, just to make a point? Twice?! It's not like we're filling up the whole bin, and there are plenty of other bins for neighbour to use if his gets empty...

It's a divisive issue. Husband brought it up on air this week (he's a brekky radio announcer), and most of the callers were fiercely protective of their wheelie bins.

But I just feel like that's unAustralian. In kindy and first grade, one of the first lessons you learn is to share - and that doesn't just apply to toys. You should share junk troughs. It's just the Australian way.