this week I...

.... caught the ferry to Manly for a friend's farewell (she's moving to Italy! So jealous...), and realised how beautiful Sydney harbour is.

... finally saw Avatar, and OH MY FREAKING GOD! I get it now. James Cameron has the most incredible brain. It was like a visual orgy. Along with the rest of the world, I too now want to move to Pandora.

... received a package from Victoria's Secret! Husband gave me a voucher for our anniversary last October, so I went shopping online a couple of weeks ago. For US$89 (including $28 shipping!) I got a bra, six pairs of underwear, a bikini and a mint and lime body scrub. Did I mention they were having a sale?!

... realised that sometimes, I bite off way more than I can chew! I am drowning in deadlines. Literally. Better get back to it.


Magistic Cruises said...

Glad to know more about your happy moments you had this week.
Happy new year.. Have a great day!!
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