bathroom refresh

I cleaned out my bathroom today.

We've reached the point in our tiny two-bedroom terrace (with no storage - not even a kitchen pantry, linen cupboard or built-in wardrobe) where we feel like our stuff is moving in towards us. We're getting claustrophobic and we decided we have three options: move somewhere bigger, invest in off-site storage, or spring clean.

We can't afford to move anywhere bigger, and I don't want to pay $150 a month to store stuffed toys and old paperwork, so we opted to do a major spring clean. FUN!

I'm being serious - I love spring cleaning! It's cathartic. Chucking things out and donating useable stuff to charity is oddly refreshing for me. I've been reading lots about it on Oprah and apparently I'm not the only spring-clean-aholic around!

So today was the bathroom. I literally dumped the contents of every drawer, bag and shelf onto the floor and then spent two hours separating it into three piles: keep, donate, bin. The bathroom is sparkling clean now and I feel sooo good!

Tomorrow: the laundry. Baby steps. I am NOT looking forward to my office, where I am typing this right now, but I know it's going to feel great once it's all done.