the Rocky

As a journalist, I'm a bit sad and confused about the direction the media is heading in. I love the online world - around 30% of my work these days is articles for online publications - but just as much, I love the tangible, physical product of magazines and newspapers. There's something so thoughtful and polished about how it's all put together.

The GFC has hastened the closure of dozens of newspapers and magazines in the US. Some of these publications were on their way out anyway - declining circulation, declining advertising, all that jazz. But some were just unlucky.

The Rocky Mountain News in Denver shut up shop earlier this year, after being published since 1859. There's a great video on their home page now (below) about the closure of the paper, and how staff reacted. On their final day of publication, on February 27 this year, they published this note:

"To have reached this day, the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News, just 55 days shy of its 150th birthday is painful. We will scatter. And all that will be left are the stories we have told, captured on microfilm or in digital archives, devices unimaginable in those first days."

Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.