kyle + fritzl

Sometimes the media is so annoying.

A lad's magazine has released a list of Australia's 50 people we hate - and topping the list is, surprise surprise, Kyle Sandilands. It's a bit of an obvious target, but whatever. Now that the opinion polls have turned on Jackie O too - and haven't they turned, so swiftly? - she's ranked number 2.

And then at number 3 is Josef Fritzl. As in, the man who locked his daughter up for 24 years and repeatedly raped and tortured her.

Editor Paul Merrill said:

"[Kyle's] someone who's made a career out of being offensive in an entertaining way,'' Merrill said. "And it's good to see Jackie O finally catching up with him."

On what planet do outspoken Sydney radio presenters and a serial rapist/torturer get lumped together?! It's a blatant publicity grab (and it's worked - there are dozens of headlines spouting phrases like "Kyle worse than Fritzl") but it's such contrived, lowest common denominator crap.

I'm putting my soapbox away now :)