charlie pickering & marilyn monroe

I was reading MX on the train and in the "Reader Letters" section, someone had sent in something rude and unflattering about comedian Charlie Pickering, who hosts The 7pm Project.

It was short and sweet, probably sent in via text, and said something along the lines of "Someone needs to get Charlie Pickering a personality injection, stat".

It made me...

a) Surprised: because I think Charlie Pickering is already really funny and quirky and needs no such injection [different floats for different boats, yeah?]

~ and ~

b) Think: why could possibly compel you to write that in to the comments section of a transit newspaper?

This is your chance to get something off your chest, to be heard, to contribute to public dialogue or just say something that's been on your mind, and you take that opportunity to... say something mean about a guy on TV. All anonymous-like, too.

I was researching a story today and came across this quote from Marilyn Monroe, and thought it was quite timely:

“It stirs up envy, fame does. People feel fame gives them some kind of privilege to walk up to you and say anything to you - and it won't hurt your feelings - like it's happening to your clothing.”